Work by Veronica Wood (Bunny) 
Hi Cathy! Just wanted you to see my Spring Outfit with your designs on the front. Stitched out great I love all the detail you put in your designs. Hope you like it. Hugs Bunny :-)
Hi Cathy! I wanted to try the blossoms on a sweatshirt first before puting them on the linen shirt and they are wonderful. On the back of the sweatshirt there was a logo at the top of the neck and I decided to put the fan there to cover it up. I think it turned out great. Love the designs thanks again for the great artwork and digitizing. Bunny in Canada :-)
 Blossoms of the Orient Quilt by Carol Clark


Dear Cathy, I have been meaning to send you this photo of the quilt "Blossoms of the Orient" for some time but waited until we had a digital camera. I had to change the length of the quilt so that "sticky little fingers" couldn't reach it! I really enjoy stitching out your designs..they are so different from the norm. Regards Carol Clark
Work by Janice Grandi 




 I have enclosed two photos with kimono's from your Blossoms of the Orient set. Actually I did five of these handbags and gave away as gifts. Felt quite good about them and how they turned out. The straw bags were purchased at the end of season for $6.00 each and were like $30.00 before price reduction. So that was a BIG bargain.
Work by Linda Canfield 
Hi Cathy, I am forwarding these pics for your files.  They are a combination of several of your collections - and are wonderful to work with.  Thanks for the pleasure. Linda Canfield