Fantasy Jacket by Sue Parker


Sorry I am so late in sending these pictures.  I made this jacket a year ago for my Grand Daughter using a selection of the Fantasy designs.  She is on her way to study drama at New York University (was accepted  early decision in December).

The jacket is made with a dark blue denim  that I over stitched with a zigzag stitch all over with a dark blue embroidery thread that resulted in a lot of light play prior to completing the embroidery designs.  As you can see in the pictures, this jacket has numerous embroidery designs from the Fantasy Collection. Each sleeve has one of the forest designs at the top of the sleeve with a different character design below.  Both the front and the back of the jackets have embroidered yolks and the panels below the yolks each have a combination of designs that are each different. The back background section with Merlin and the mountains is also embroidered with repeated designs of muted fireworks explosions.  The lining of the jacket is embroidered on a deep red batik fabric with inspirational words scattered above the Fantasy character.  The one thing you cannot see is the pocket on the inside of the front of the jacket.  I embroidered a quote from Ghandi:  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD on the pocket.

The very first picture shows the ribbons won at The Arlington County Fair.  The jacket won the Grand Prize in the needlework division .

Once again, I send many thanks to you for your work. You are a true artist and your work makes me happy.  I am working on two new projects using your designs.  I never know when I will finish but I will send pictures of the results to you.