Men's Business Blanket


Cut 1 panel 22 x 43 cm 8.5 x 9 inches
Stitch “Diamond_02” out 12 times
Zigzag stitch the 12 “Diamond_02” down onto the suede, as you can see in the photo place each of the designs in a similar way
Over the zigzag stitch, satin stitch to give the blanket a fine finish
Cut 2 panels of suede the same length and width as the panel with the diamonds
Cut a piece of fabric 7cm or 3 inches wide the same width as the panels
Press that piece of fabric in half using your iron length ways
Pin the fabric to both ends of the diamond panel
Once both ends are pined and the ironed end of the length of fabric is facing towards the diamonds at both ends
 Stitch the two suede panels to the diamond and contrasting fabric
Cut two panels of the wool fabric each panel is 76 x 111cm or 30 x 44inches
Stitch the two panels of wool fabric to the panel of suede
Stitch over the top of the wool where you have your seam, this will hold the seam down
Stitch over the stitch you just stitched in a contrasting thread, I used the triple stitch which gives a nice finish
Showing you in the photo a close up of the diamond stitch out the contrasting fabric and contrasting top stitch on the blanket
Using the same contrasting fabric, I cut it out to make a bias binding for the edge of the wool blanket
Bias binding made for the blanket






I stitched the bias binding all around the blanket




I used a beige and white gingham fabric for the backing of the wool blanket



To give the blanket a masculine feel, I used these Antler buttons John and I purchased while in Alaska. I stitched the buttons on the two end panels




Celtic Box


I purchased the black fabric document box from the Sydney store “Office Works” but many stores now have these document boxes in various colours these are a great way of showing your work
I stitched out “Celtic_02” eight times using a large hoop but you can do this using “Celtic_01” for the 180 x 130 or 8 x 7 inch hoop
Sewing Machine Cover

 I stitched for my Pfaff CV a machine cover using the same design as the Celtic Box but different colours, looks very different

Photo of my sewing room with my machine cover

I use my machines all the time for all my stitch outs; I have all the machines at all times hooked up to their embroidery units, that is why this cover is sooo large for the Pfaff CV