Customer Galleries - Machine Embroidery Designs by StitchingArt

Please feel free to view the customer galleries to see what all of our customers have made with the Stitchingart machine embroidery designs. This may also give you some further ideas of what to do with some of our designs.

If you would like your completed Stitchingart project displayed in the Customer Galleries please email Charley.

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Endless Summer Machine Embroidery Designs - Customer Galleries

Endless Summer Bag by Patricia Bridge
Endless Summer Bag by Harriet Treynor
When I first saw this project I noticed the awning trim on the top. I thought of the most famous awning in Beverly Hills. I made this bag using yellow fabric. The striped awning was pieced. I used my embroidery machine to put the words on the bag. I think this looks very good.
Endless Summer Bag by Patricia Bridge
Dear Cathy,
Please find attached some photos of my latest Endless Summer bag. I am going to be selfish and keep this one for myself. You are most welcome to put the photos on your web site.
Love Patricia Bridge

Bright and Beautiful Machine Embroidery Designs - Customer Galleries

Work by Veronica Wood (Bunny)

Hi Cathy!  Just wanted to send you a photo of my outfit I made using Bright and Beautiful design, all I can say is WOW it stitched out beautiful those flowers are awesome.

I also edited the birds and added the ribbon bow, and added them to the back of the other pant leg too.

Hope all is well.  Bunny


Sac de Ville Machine Embroidery Designs - Customer Galleries

Sac de Ville Playmat by Sue Llewellyn

sac de ville
sac de ville

Dear Charlie,


Thank you for the excellent service I have been receiving from you.  I love the designs and they stitch out so nicely.  I am attaching a photo of a play mat where I have used some of the Sac du Ville designs, these were perfect for the shops.


I made the mat from a material called Vinyl backed Oxford Bag which is thick and has a rubber type backing.  I tried to keep the back neatly stitched enabling me to only bind the mat and not back it, thereby using the rubber backing to make the mat non slip.


I still need to contact you regarding some designs I lost due to a computer malfunction (on my lap top), but as I was about to do this I found some more designs on my main computer which I need to check first.  I will contact you when I have transferred these to my lap top and checked them.


Again, thank you for the fantastic service and wonderful designs.


Best Regards


Sue Llewellyn




Sac de Ville Bag by Kevin Dilworth

Hi Cath and Charley.

Here are some photo's of the bag I made using Sac De Ville for my friend in the UK.  .  Best wishes Kevin Dilworth.









Sac de Ville bag by Laurie Miller



Sac de Ville Bag by Linda Flores

I am attaching a couple of pictures of a tote bag I made to take on our cruise to Jamaica using your designs.  I stitched 2 of the designs on fabric and put on the ends of the bag to make pockets...They designs are beautiful... Linda
Sac de Ville Bag by Patricia Bridge

Dear Cathy,

I am hoping you might like to see some photos of my new shopping bag. I needed it a little bit deeper, so I gave it some sky. Hope things are going as well as possible in your neck of the woods. Yours Patricia Bridge




Sac de Ville Bag by Mike Gilmour






Hi Cathy,

Since sending in my first photographs of Sac De Ville I have made at least three other bags and they have proved very popular, this bag is slightly larger that the others as the lady that has commissioned it needs a new knitting bag to take on the bus when she goes to work.

You will notice that the original colours have been changed.

I hope all is well with your family.

Best wishes

Sac de Ville Bag by Jackie


Sac de Ville Bag by Jude
Hi, Cathy. Thought you might like to see my version of your lovely Sac de Ville. I made it slightly deeper to accommodate the wider lace and I also put three pockets inside, one for a mobile phone. The ladies at my golf club thought it was absolutely wonderful and so we raffled it for our lady captain's charity. We were thrilled to raise #235 (about 550AUD) for Macmillan Nurses. I don't know whether you have Macmillan Nurses in Australia, but they do a wonderful job caring for terminally ill cancer patients - a very worthwhile cause. Kind regards, Judy
Sac de Ville Bag by Tracey-Anne


Sac de Ville Bag by Mike Gilmour
Good morning Cathy,
I have finally finished a bag that I felt worthy of sending a picture to you. As you can see I have increased the depth of the bag and I have place a liner of TIMTEX between the lining and the bag to give it extra support, this was a problem that I found on the first bag that I made it was floppy, also you will note a closer made of a button and some dark cord. The Handles came from Birch so they are fairly easy to get from good Haberdashers. If you get this photo can you call me or email me back yto say that it has arrived, thankyou. Mike Gilmore
Sac de Ville Bag by Ann Rowley


Cathy,  I thought you might be interested to see the bag that I've made using your wonderful Sac de Ville designs.  It was great fun to make - I just made the pattern up as I went along - and the designs stitched out perfectly on the woollen fabrics that I used. Best wishes, Ann Rowley
Sac de Ville Bag by Victoria Barnett

Hi Cathy thought you would like to see my Sac De Ville bag, it was a big job and it turned out bigger than I realized any way I enjoyed stitching out the designs many thanks.
Sac de Ville Bag by Veronica Wood (Bunny)
Hi Cathy! Here are some photos of your wonderful set, they stitched out fantastic even to the cherries on the cake in the Cake Shop window. Your work is always so very creative and artistic. Hope you like my version of your Sac de Ville. I added a border to the top and added a tassel design. Hugs Bunny :o)
Sac de Ville Bag by Suzanne Weissbart

I have attached a picture of the Sac de Ville that I made with your embroidery designs. Thought you might think it was fun to see another "successful" project with your designs. I need to tell you though that although it looks crooked at the bottom, it
was perfectly straight, just the way it was hanging. I know that is silly of me, but looking at the picture after I sent it to you, I could see it looked really crooked at the bottom. But then I was too lazy to take another picture. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne Weissbart
Sac de Ville Bag by Angela Maxwell


Cathy, I've been meaning to send my "Sac De Ville" creation to you for quite some time. I sold three of these purses  before I had to retire my design because of the detail that is put into it. I loved the designs and hope to soon make one for myself. The designs were perfect and the detial is amazing. Thanks for this wonderful creation! I've added seed beads in various places throughout the design, although you can't see them on this picture. I've also added clear beads around the "awning" that I've added onto the top of the purse.
Angela Maxwell The Preppy Purse This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sac de Ville Bag by MelRay


Sac de Ville Bag by Margot Fallscheer


Sac de Ville Bag by Lillian Puritz

Exotic Machine Embroidery Designs - Customer Galleries

Work by Roberta Blick and Martha Cook
Here are some pictures.  My daughter, Martha Cook and I work together in making our garments.  Martha is a better seamstress than I am and I love to do embellishments so we combine our work and truly don't know where we leave off and the other takes over.  Hope you enjoy as much as we have enjoyed making and wearing them.  We jointly own two Pfaff 7570s and one Babylock Ellagio.  Roberta Blick
Work by Jenny Simpson 

Dear Cathy,
Thank you for lovely designs. I made the attached cushion for a friend for her birthday.