Endless Summer Bag by Patricia Bridge
Endless Summer Bag by Harriet Treynor
When I first saw this project I noticed the awning trim on the top. I thought of the most famous awning in Beverly Hills. I made this bag using yellow fabric. The striped awning was pieced. I used my embroidery machine to put the words on the bag. I think this looks very good.
Endless Summer Bag by Patricia Bridge
Dear Cathy,
Please find attached some photos of my latest Endless Summer bag. I am going to be selfish and keep this one for myself. You are most welcome to put the photos on your web site.
Love Patricia Bridge
Endless Summer Bag by Deb Malan
Endless Summer Bag by Deb Malan

Hi Cathy


Here are pictures of the two beachbags I made with your lovely designs.


You will see that I have simplified the designs - I needed to make the bags very quickly for my nieces. I was working on canvas and therefore left out the background. I also left out the borders.


The blue bag was made by joining three designs with an ordinary seam, matching the edges of the designs. I used a wadding on this bag. On the back of the bag there are two large pockets - for books, magazines, sunglasses, etc.


The pink bag was made by joining the designs together with a zigzag and then sewing on the strips of black webbing over the joins. The back of the bag has a zipper pocket to keep valuables. I did not use wadding on this bag and therefore it is lighter than the blue one and can be folded up to put in a suitcase if you are travelling by air.


This design set lends itself to hundreds of variations and possibilities.


Thanks for your amazing artwork - I think you are the most interesting and exciting designer I have found on the internet.


lots of love


Endless Summer Bag by Laurie Miller
EVY OF (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE THIS PICTURE OF THE BEACH BAG. AND HERE'S THE ONE I MADE WITH HER DESIGNS. I NOW MAKING THE SAC DE VILLE.  FUN FUN FUN DESIGNS.
Endless Summer Bag by Fay Jones

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for asking my permission to place photos of my Endless Summer Bag on your website.  I would be honoured to know that you think that the bag is stitched and constructed properly and worthy of being published along with your 'works of art'.  Had I known that you would have liked to place these on the site I would have walked down the back and photographed it on the beach and had the bag sitting in a much better position, not just hanging on one of my lounge chairs.

Once again thank you for the honour of having been asked for my work to be displayed on your website. Kindest regards Fay Jones





Endless Summer Bag by Suzanne Viney









Dear Charley

Here are the photos of my Endless Summer bag.  I hope you feel I did justice to the designs.  I had to change the top part of the bag.  I decided to use ribbon that I had rather than buying new fabric.  I also found that I could sew the scallop shape (as you can see in a couple of the photos) a lot more neatly than using the scallop stitch on my machine.  The designs were sewn on a Janome.



Suzanne Viney