Rhapsody Cushions by Judy Dove 





 Rhapsody Cushions by Kathleen Addy





Hello Cathy, here are a couple of Rhapsody cushion covers for you to see, you very kindly reduced the size of the six patch one for me. I am pleased with them .. hope you think they are ok. Kind regards. Kathy Addy UK.




Christmas Stocking by Veronica Wood (Bunny) 





Hi Cathy!  This design is awesome just stitched out so beautiful. Thanks Bunny:o)




Bag by Brenda Houlihan 









Made this bag and wanted you to see what I did with the 'English Phone Box' I LOVE that design and thanks so much. The designs on the bag are from http://www.carolyndesigns.com these are her newest autumn designs, and I had to just have the phone box in the pocket for my mobile. Hope you like the photos, I know you like to see projects.