Work by Ute Boehler





Dear Cathy,
thanks so much for the beautiful Christmas gift. I am pleased of it. Now I have finished my vest with the Klimt-designs. So I would like send you two pictures from the vest. I used patchwork fabrics and vilene 640 from Freudenberg for a little bit volume. The black lines are 6 mm wide satinstitches made with the sewing machine.
I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year.
Sincerely yours




Klimt Wall Hanging by Debbie (Okie) and Rose 




Here is the Klimt wallhanging made with your designs.  I can't take all the credit though.  My good friend Rose did all the work - I just did the embroidery.  Please give her credit for it as well. The kimono's are appliqued on the satin (blanket stitch) after a backing was used on them with a little stuffing. The Black is a very heavy upholstery type satin. Fades terribly.... There is an interfacing, not timtex but almost as heavy it ironed onto the satin. It was stitched to the interfacing with decorative stitches. This keeps it from fraying and gives it a quilted look. Didn't need additional quilting. The pink kimono fabric was hand dyed by Rose and her 3 year old grandson. The medallion at the bottom was made by Rose from clay. Baked and painted.  The buttons are bone. The backing matches the bias binding. Tye Dyed fabric. It is pretty large. 27x48"  That is overall including the medallion thing. The bamboo is purse tote handles.




Neon Lights Jacket by Linda Canfield 






Getting good reviews on this jackets so I thought I'd send it along.  The design on front was doubled and reversed to cover the area I intended, the sleeves use the endless hoop once the designs are combined and/or modified.  Just happened to have that fabric on hand, could have searched for years and not found it LOL!

Linda in Louisiana 

Hi Cathy, You're more than welcome to use the pictures as you see fit.  It was interesting to combine mirrored and flipped sections for the endless hoop.  Hope you don't mind I played with the colors LOL! The focus fabric is Alexander Henry Cabaret-Stage Light Swirls. I used about 8 total fabrics, I can't be sure of the others, just whatever I had on hand.

Linda in Louisiana

Just Jackets




Klimt Vest by Diane Sanders







Klimt Bag by Sherryl Buchler 






Cathy.. I finally got my camera back and also finally finished the bag with the Klimpt designs. I have plans for lots of them... I just need time! I thought you might want the photos.





Work by Veronica Wood (Bunny) 








Hi Cathy! Here are some photos of a bag I made with your wonderful Klimt designs, well you have done it again they are amazing, just love how it turned out. The designs are on the front flap, and on the bottom of the bag and also on the pockets on the back of the bag. Hugs Bunny :o)