Work by Dottie Newkirk




Work by Dorothy Myrick 




Your digitized designs are wonderful.  I will send a picture of one of my projects that hangs in our kitchen.
We use Blue Willow pattern dishes.  I do enjoy machine embroidery, but do not do it for profit, just for my own enjoyment. 
I use a Pfaff 2144 and it has been recently upgraded. Take care and lean on the Lord.  God is good and cares for us during
these difficult times. Sincerely, Dorothy Myrick



Work by Doras Culbertson





Work by Jill Sonnier








Work by Deana Bailey 







I told you that I was using your 2 willow designs to make pillows for my Aunt for her birthday.
The pillows are finished and they were a success!!
She called me and was thrilled with them.
She is going to display them on the shelves with the dishes.

I thought that she might put them on the shelves, so I did not add ruffles, but made them very tailored.
I used "Fine China Blue" -- a fabric collection which
I found in a quilt fabric shop. I used these fabrics to border the two different designs.




Work by Joan Leavesley 







Hi Cathy, I hope these photo's are much better for you. Thank you for offering to publish them on your site
I would like that very much. I have also enclosed a couple of photo's of another use of your lovely willow
designs. The wall hanging was sewn up with three differnt threads all through the same needle ...a blue
variegated, a light blue and a royal blue it made a wonderful 3d affect I was so thrilled with the final result.
I took first place in the local show. I hope you like what I have done with your lovely dewsigns. Regards JL