Work by Sue Parker 









CATHY:  Just a note to thank you for the wonderful designs that made this jacket sing!!!!  I found the printed fabric and decided to embroider over it.  To tie the front to the sleeves, I over stitched in gold thread.  The cuffs and the back of the jacket are made using a technique called faux chenille. I match the batik colors for the back fabric to coordinate with the print on the front of the jacket.  The batik fabric was stacked with with three layers of cotton yarn dyed fabrics, sewed on a 45 degree angle and then slashed between the stitching lines with my electric scissors.  After slashing, the fabric is washed in the washing machine and tumbled dried prior to cutting from the pattern pieces.  I selected another coordinating batik for the lining and embroidered another motif from this collection. The jacket edges were finished with bias strips.