1. 2 meters or 2.5 yards of good quality white cotton fabric approx (I always buy extra fabric)
  2. 2 meters or 2.5 yards of lining fabric for the bag
  3. 2 meters or 2.5 yards of “Floriani Stitch N shape”
  4. 2 meters or 2.5 yards of “Cut Away”
  5. 1 meter or 1 yard of fabric for the top part of the bag where you hand stitch the feather boa type thing and put the cording through. I used a pale marble type of fabric
  6. White feather boa type thing
  7. Handles (I used the clear plastic with silver bits running through
  8. White cord 5 meters 4.5 yards or there about, I like to buy more than I need
  9. 2 white pompoms
  10. 18 Crystals

Instructions for your stabilizers

Hoop your white fabric with 1 sheet of “Cut Away”

Once you have your hoop in the machine then slide under “Stitch N shape”

Start stitching



Some photographs below are from my Winter Wonderland set


Below are the Instructions for

  • Snow_01
  • Snow_02
  • Snow_03
  • Snow_04
  • Snow_05
  • Snow_06
  • Snow Drops_01 stitch 4
  • Snow Drops_02 stitch 2
  • Crys_bag Under_01
  • Crys_bag Under_02
  • Crys_bag Under_03 (If you can fit this panel into your large hoop you will not have to stitch out both Crys_bag Under_01 and Crys_bag Under_02 as this panel is the exact size of the bag benith

Stitch out Snow_01 (These following instructions apply to all the Crystal bag panel scenes)

Take the hoop out of your machine (Do not take the snow_01 out of the hoop) turn the hoop over so that the back of the Snow_01 is facing you.

Cut a piece of the backing fabric larger than the Snow_01.

Put the piece of backing fabric you just cut out over the back of the Snow_01. Not forgetting to have the right side of your backing fabric facing you.

  • Sticky tape the backing fabric down to the stabilizer, this helps to keep the backing fabric in place
  • Put the hoop back into the machine
  • Stitch out the line that holds the backing fabric

Take the sticky tape away.

Cut away the backing fabric keeping the winter scene in the hoop at all times.

Backing fabric cut.

  • Put your hoop back into the machine
  • Your machine should now be doing the satin stitch border

Satin stitch border from the back


This is the base of the bag. I suggest you use a dark fabric for the base of the bag as this is the part of the bag that always seems to get dirty


I had a large enough hoop to be able to stitch the base in one go “Crys_Bag Under_03”

If you do not have a large enough hoop I have designed the base so you can stitch  

  • Crys_Bag Under_01
  • Crys_Bag Under_02

The photo to the left shows you:

“Snow_02” is zigzagged to “Snow Drops_01”

The photo to the left shows you panels “Snow Drops_01” and “Snow Drops_02”

Top Section “Snow_02” “Snow_01” and “Snow_05”


The photo to the left shows you the actual layout of each panel

Join the short end of the base to “Snow Drops_02”

Stitching the short end of the base to “Snow Drops_02” 

Stitching the other side of the base to “Snow Drops_01”

Stitching the base to “both Snow Drops_01


Bending and pushing to get “Snow Drops_02” stitched to the base. This takes a bit of tugging and pulling to get the sides together correctly.

Stitching the “Snow Drops_02” to “Snow Drops_01” 

Showing you from another angle the stitching “Snow Drops_01” to “Snow Drops_02”

Joining “Snow Drops_02” to the base.

Stitching “Snow Drops_02” to the base.


Photo of the bottom layer of the bag all stitched in place

 Instructions for the draw string on the top of the bag

Cut two pieces of fabric 40 cm each or 16 inches each width

Length 20 cm or 8 inches in depth.

Stitch the hem you just pressed


At each end of the two lengths of fabric stitch a small hem from the top down around 8 cm or 3 inches


Press with your iron a clean double hem at one end of the two lengths, wide enough for the draw string to go through 2.5 cm or 1 inch

Stitch the hem you just pressed


Press the bottom of the long panel and then stitch


Before you stitch the sides together mark where you would like your stitching to stop, this is where you early on had stitched a small hem on the all the four sides for the draw string to pass through


Stitch both sides


I hand stitched the feather boa just below the hem of the draw string


I took this photo after I had hand stitched the handles to the bag

You now put the draw string through and I put on the drawstring at each end a pompom, this is just a bit of fun, but looks great.

I then hand stitched the handles onto the lining fabric.


You glue the fabric to the inside of the bag making sure that the some of the fabric and boa are up over the top panels of the bag.

I then stitched the crystals onto the bag