Klimt Composition Bag 


Using the following designs Klimt water_01, Klimt water_02, Klimt water_05 and Klimt water_06

1 meter or 1 yard of white fabric

1 meter or 1 yard Floriani Stitch and Shape

1 meter or 1 yard Cut away or tear away

1.5 meters or 1.5 yards contrasting fabric for both piping and lining

¼ meter or ¼ yard of thick wadding

Fabric glue

1 meter or 1 yard of grey imitation suede fabric

1 meter or 1 yard of wool batting (or this a bamboo batting, which would be great)

Fabric pen

2 handles


Stitch all 4 designs on a white cotton fabric hooped with either a cut away stabilizer or a tear away

Slide under you hooped white cotton fabric and cut away Floriani Stitch and Shape (You can purchase the Stitch and Shape from

United States





Stitch out Klimt water_01, Klimt water_02, Klimt water_05 and Klimt water_06

Stitch all four panels together.

I suggest you stitch

Klimt water_01 to Klimt water_02 together


Klimt water_06 to Klimt water_05 together

Stitch both panels you have just stitched together as shown in the photograph


Make a piping with a contrasting fabric if you wish. I purchased the fabric a few years ago from a quilting shop in the States, you may still be able to purchase the fabric “Stof Quilters Basics style #4513 designed by www.stof.dk 

Piping around the edge

Close up of piping

Cut out 2 thick pieces of batting just slightly smaller than Klimt Water panel

Glue the double wadding down on the back of the Klimt Water panel

Glue the Klimt water panel down on the fabric you wish to make the bag. I used grey imitation suede (The type of glue I use is a glue gun)

Measure using your ruler all 4 sides 3cm or 1.3 inches from the edge of the panel

Once you have measured 3 cm or 1.3 inches and marked using your fabric pen rule a straight line for cutting with your scissors

Grey suede cut with scissors.

Cut out wool batting the same width and length as the bag front and back and also the side gusset of the bag, this helps to give some stability.

I cut strips of grey suede fabric 8cm or 3.2 inches wide for the gusset

Photo showing the gusset stitched to the front panel of the bag

Showing the reverse side of the front panel and gusset with the wool batting

Stitch the back panel of the bag to the gusset

Add your handles at this stage

If you have enough fabric from the binding you used around the Klimt Water panel that is on the front of the bag, then I suggest you use the same fabric for the lining

Stitch the lining to your bag

All finished


Instructions for Klimt Composition Foot Stool



1 meter or 1 yard white cotton fabric

1 meter of stabilizer

Klimt Choir of the angels_lge_03 or Klimt Choir of the Angels_sm_01

Foot stool (purchased foot stool from Oz Designs Sydney, but you can purchase these in many stores)

Hot glue gun

White fabric and cut away stabilizer hooped

Slide Floriani Stitch and Shape under the hoop as shown in the photograph

Stitch out 8 Klimt Choir of the Angels_sm_04

Using a zigzag stitch to join the borders together as shown in the following photographs










Mark the centre of the foot stool

Measure the border so the border is evenly from the centre on all sides

Pin the border down to the foot stool leaving enough room for you to apply your glue gun

Put dabs of the hot glue all around the border, just small dabs, just in case you make a mistake and you can easily lift the border and move the border slightly

Once you are happy with the position of the border on the foot stool then hot glue the border down properly

Place either “Klimt Choir of the angels_lge_03” or “Klimt Choir of the angels_sm_01” depending on which size design you wish to use onto the foot stool

Hot glue just small dabs onto the foot stool until you are sure you have the designs either “Klimt Choir of the angels_lge_03” or “Klimt Choir of the Angels_sm_01”, in the centre of the border.

The borders and Klimt Choir of Angels properly glued to the foot stool

This makes a lovely foot stool to display your work


Instructions for Klimt Composition Lamp Shade


Stitch out Klimt Choir of the Angels in the colours that would best suite your surroundings; this is a very simple and easy way of showing your designs


Instructions for Klimt Composition Cushion


Stitch out “Klimt Water_10” I used the same thread colouring as in the lace so the whole cushion would blend beautifully

Make up the cushion, once finished I used this beautiful antique lace I had purchased early in the year to surround the cushion

Hand stitch the lace to your cushion