Instructions for Moroccan Summer Blouse






You can either stitch out “Moroccan_19”, “Moroccan_22_360x150” or “Moroccan_23_180x130” depending on the size hoop you have or how large you wish the project to be. In the centre of the borders you stitch “Moroccan_16_180x130”, “Moroccan_17_240x150” or “Moroccan_18_360x200” once again depending on the size hoop you have.




Stitch out “Moroccan_19” twice then in the centre stitch “Moroccan_17_240x150”




Close up of “Moroccan_19”




Close up of “Moroccan_17_240x150”





Instructions for Moroccan Summer Wall Hanging






The wall Hanging measures 51 x 57 cm or 20 x 23 inches
The background fabric I used is called Tickled Pink by Robyn Pandolph

You can purchase the fabric at this URL


Stitch out the following designs

  • Moroccan_01 4 times
  • Moroccan_02 4 times
  • Moroccan_04 8 times (if you have a 360x200 hoop you can stitch out “Moroccan_12_360x 200” once)
  • Moroccan_14 1 time (if you have a 360x200 hoop you can stitch out “Moroccan_12_360x 200” once)
  • Moroccan_04 4 times (if you have a 360x200 hoop)






Above is a photo showing you the numbers of each design
Stitch on a very pale pink cotton fabric all the designs
I suggest once you have stitched out the four “Moroccan_04” and one “Moroccan_14” designs, stitch together using a zigzag stitch all the 5 designs

For those who have a 360x200 Hoop size, stitch out “Moroccan_12_360x200”

In the centre of the fabric lightly glue down the design




Above is a photo showing you the numbers of each design.




Glue down the four “Moroccan_01”designs as I have placed the designs in the photo.




Glue down the four “Moroccan_02” as I have placed the designs




Glue down the other four “Moroccan_04” as I have placed the designs




Stitch down all the design you have lightly glued down using a zigzag stitch




Zigzag all the designs down onto the green striped fabric. Then hot glue the gold Indian beaded pieces to the wall hanging, if I was making a quilt I would stitch the gold pieces down.


If you cannot find anything similar as the gold pieces in your Haberdashery shop why not look at the necklaces you never use and cut up a necklace or go to the cheap dollar shops and have a look at earnings, bracelets and necklaces.







In the centre piece where there is a small round gap in the designs I have hot glued little gold beads. I used these beads from an old necklace of my Mother in laws, the necklace was very well used. It came in handy for this type of work. It is a great way of re-cycling!




These are the little gold beads from the necklace I used in the little round gaps in the designs.




Instructions for the Green Cushion




The cushion is 44 cm wide x 34 cm length.




With a pen or marking pen, mark the fabric with a random jagged edge as you can see in the photos.




Once you have cut the random jagged edge with your scissors, lay the green fabric over the black fabric and pin the green fabric to the black fabric.

Then free machine embroider using a straight stitch following the jagged edge you have cut out with the scissors. (A very good Free Machine embroidery tutorial on YouTube, click on this URL).


If you do not wish to try your hand at free machine embroidery you can just do a straight stitch following your jagged edge.




Cut out a black strip of fabric 4 cm or 1.5 inches wide and then fray both sides of the black fabric strip.




Stitch the black strip of fabric down on both sides of the strip to the green fabric.




  • Stitch out 2 “Moroccan_03” on the green fabric
  • Stitch out 8 “Moroccan_04” on the green fabric

Zigzag stitch the designs together to make one design then zigzag the two designs together

For the hoop size 360 x 150

Stitch out “Moroccan_08_360x150” twice on the green fabric
Zigzag stitch the two designs together




Showing you the designs, green jagged edge with straight stitch free machine embroidery and the black frayed strip of fabric.





Round Moroccan Summer Cushion






Stitch out “Moroccan_10” twice if you have a 180 x 130 size hoop or ‘”Moroccan_11_360x150”once if you have a 360x150 size hoop.







Moroccan Summer Jumper






Stitch out on a white jumper “Moroccan_24”