Rustic Charm Bag



The bag dimensions are approx 30 x 19.5 cm or approx 12 x 7.5 inches.

You will need:

  • ½ meter or ½ yard of black fabric
  • 1 metre or 1 yard of lining fabric (I used a floral cotton fabric this gives the bag a lovely appeal)
  • 1 metre of thin wadding
  • A small amount of striped fabric
  • 1 metre of black and white poker dot fabric
  • 2 metre or 2 yards of Olive green taffeta ribbon pleated
  • Handle (I bought from small floral print cording a few years back and plated the cording to make the handles)


Stitch out the following designs

  • First stitch out “Rustic Charm_22” to your left
  • Second stitch out “Rustic Charm_23” to your right
  • Lastly in the centre “Rustic Charm_24” bring this design slightly forward of the other two designs which gives the garden a bit of depth





  • Have a 5 cm or 2 inch in width and 40 cm or 16 inches in length of stripped fabric fold in half and press with your iron
  • Cut 20 cm or 8 inches by 40 cm or 16 inches of black and white poker dotted fabric
  • At one end of the poker dotted fabric press the hem using your iron and then stitch the fabric over part of the black and white stripped fabric. I left 5mm or 7/8 inch of the black and white stripped fabric showing




Stitch the pleated olive green taffeta ribbon or whatever you may have at hand




Stitch in the centre of the taffeta ribbon black velvet rickrack




  • Cut the back panel fabric the same size as the front panel I used the black and white poker dot fabric
  • Stitch the thin wadding to the front and back panels of the bag.




Pin all three sides of the bag together




All three sides stitched together




  • Flatten the bottom corner to make your bag bottom flat, hold one of the bottom corner of the exterior and match the side seam line with the bottom seam line (have a good look into your bag to see if the side seam and the bottom seams meet and flow into one another) Completely flatten the bag corner to form a triangle and pin.
  • Measure and mark your chosen flat bottom depth...I would for example, if you want your bag bottom to be 9 cm (3 ½ inches) in depth. To make your bag bottom 9cm (3 ½ inches) deep all you have to do is measure and mark a line that is 90 degrees to the side seam and is 9 cm (3 ½ inches) long across the width of the triangle




Stitch flat bottom along the bottom line mark you made. Be sure to sew securing stitches at both ends to finish, trim off any excess fabric from the triangle, please not too close to the seam




To make a flat bottom for the bag I stitched two layers 9 x 24 cm (3.5 x 9.5 inches)of thick “Floriani Stitch N Shape” together or whatever you have at hand, you can even use thick cardboard




  • Insert the bottom panel into your bag
  • Make your lining for the bag, I always like to make the lining slightly larger than the actual bag, this makes it easier when you stitch the lining to the bag as you can pleat the lining here and there




Mark the centre of the front and back panels of the bag then pin your handles to the bag. Once satisfied with your measurements stitch each of the handles to your bag




All the handles stitched to the bag




Stitch down the top to leave a nice clean edge to stitch your lining to the bag




Lining stitched to the bag and all finished




Back of the Bag




Instructions for the Lavendar Cushion




The dimensions of the cushion are 30 x 30 cm or 12x 12 inches


You will need:

  • 1 metre or 1 yard of lavender fabric
  • 4 metres or 4.5 yards of Olive green silk frill
  • 1 metre or 1 yard of thin wadding


Stitch the following designs

  • Cottage_01_180x130 or Cottage_02_150x240
  • Rustic charm_10_180x130 4 times
  • Rustic charm_09_150x240 4 times

Stitch “cottage_01_180x130” or “Cottage_02_150x240” then stitch above and below “Rustic charm_10_180x130” or “Rustic Charm_09_150x240” then stitch to both sides




Instructions for the Rustic Charm Cushion




This photo is just a combination of the cushion that I Photo shopped to give you an idea of making a quilt with the designs





The dimensions of the cushion are 51 x 51 cm or 20x 20.5 inches


What you will need:

  • 2.5 metres or 2.5 yards approx of the background fabric of your choice I used a light grey German crepe fabric (I always like to have far more than I need)
  • Thin wadding 2.5 meter or 2.5 yards approx
  • 4.5 meters or 5 yards of piping around the cushion


Stitch the following designs:

  • Rustic Charm_12
  • Rustic Charm_13
  • Rustic Charm_14
  • Rustic Charm_16
  • Rustic Charm_17
  • Rustic Charm_19
  • Stitch 6 of Rustic Charm_20
  • Stitch either Cottage_01_180x130 or Cottage_02_150x240 depending on what size hoop you have




  • Hoop each design with a and thin wadding and your choice of stabilizer (I have been trying out for over a year now the “Floriani Stitch N Wash tearaway fusible” I have no affiliation with this company and pay full price for their products...I do like this product and have tried this stabilizer on silk and most fabrics)
  • Once you have stitched all the designs out you will notice around each design there is a border of a feather stitch and on the outer boarder is a straight stitch




This is a close up of the border with the feather and straight stitches




Use this straight stitch border as a guide for your 5/8 inch seam as you can see in the photo (you can decide on what seam allowance suites you the 5/8 inch is just a guide) Once you have stitched around the straight stitch border cut away any excess fabric




Cut away the thin wadding from the straight stitch border as shown




Showing the back




Start by sewing “Rustic Charm_19” and “Rustic Charm_20” as the first block followed by “Rustic Charm_12” and “Rustic Charm_20” as the second block then sew either “Cottage_01_180x130” or “Cottage_02_150x240” to the first block followed by the second block




This is a photo of all the blocks stitched together if you wish to make the cushion then at this stage sew the piping around the cushion or if you wish to make a quilt the repeat the process as many times as you wish




Close up of the centre design “Cottage_02_150x240




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_14”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_12”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_17”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_13”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_16”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_20”




Close up of the centre design “Rustic Charm_19”




Black T-Shirt Instructions






Close up of the design “Rustic Charm” stitch on a similar fabric that you used for the bag stitch a thin wadding under the design this just makes the design puff out slightly which gives it a dimension then cut around the satin stitch border and zigzag stitch the design onto the “T” Shirt