Timeless Bag




Size of bag 31.5cm or 12.4 inches width x 30 cm or 11.8 inches length


What you will need:

  • 1.5 meters or 1.5 yards of a cream fabric (I used a linen)

  • 1.5 meters or 1.5 yards of black and white gingham fabric for the back of the bag and the lining of the bag.

  • Black handles

  • ½ metre or ½ yard of wadding thin for the front and back of bag

Stitch out the following designs:

  • Timeless_01
  • Timeless_02
  • Timeless_03
  • Timeless_04
  • Timeless_05
  • Timeless_06
  • Timeless_07
  • Timeless_08
  • Timeless_09





Once you have stitched all the designs out and stitched each of the 9 squares panels together, stitch over each of the joins using a straight stitch, this straight stitch does not have to be straight; actually it looks better if you go in and out




Stitching a straight stitch between each of the panels




As you can see the straight stitch is not straight going through all the panels




Do as many straight stitches through each panel that would best suite you




Finished doing the straight stitch






Bag finished





Timeless Head Rest




Size of head rest cover
78 cm or 30.7 inches in 17.5 inches in length 44.5 cm width





What you will need:

  • 45 x 25 cm for the light grey fabric
  • 57 x 45 cm for the contrasting dark grey fabric


Stitch the following designs

  • Ud Timeless_14
  • Ud Timeless_15
  • Ud Timeless_16




If you look closely I overlapped each of the designs.

Stitch a hem at the bottom of the rest

Join the contrasting dark grey fabric to the light grey fabric




To bring the two contrasting fabrics together I used a black and white striped ribbon and stitched over the join of the contrasting fabric





Timeless Jumper




Stitched Ud Timeless_14 to one side of the white jumper




Close up of the design Ud Timeless_14

Close up, showing detail of design






Timeless Cushion




Stitch the following designs on the front of the cushion

  • Ud Timeless_14
  • Ud Timeless_15
  • Ud Timeless_16