Black and White Gingham Cushion


The black and white gingham rectangle cushion I made the centre panel puffy by adding wadding. Have a larger piece of fabric than the black fabric to sandwich the two fabrics together
Once you have the amount of wadding to give the puffy look, pin the black fabric and backing fabric together with the wadding sandwiched between the two
Photograph of the wadding sandwiched together
Stitch all around the centre panel using your machine with a straight stitch
Photograph of the front puffy centre panel
Cut from the centre of the black and white gingham a rectangle. Pin the puffy centre panel onto the black and white gingham as shown in the photograph
I left over night a number of books on top of the puffy centre. Do not worry it will be still puffy but not over the top
Stitch the puffy centre piece using your straight stitch. Stitch over the straight with a zigzag stitch and then stitch over the zigzag stitch using a satin stitch
In the enlarged photograph you will see where I have used the satin stitch and then stitched on the black and white poker dot ribbon
This is a scan of the actual drawing I did. As you can see it is a very rough drawing for the Charlotte design
  Black and White Gingham Round Cushion
Stitch the design out on a nice linen.
Using a saucer or something that is slightly larger than the design.
Mark either using a blue pen or chalk. This will be where you will tack the the black and white gingham down
By using the gingham I was able to make evan pleats by pinning
Stitched over the pleats I had made using the pins with a straight stitch
Using the blue pen marking I was able to make a nice circle surrounding the design
Stitched down the pleated section over the white linen. This is back of the design
I added a panel for the sides once again using the black and white gingham
To hide the pleating I stitched on a simple black braid