1. Stitch 1 of each design 111, 222, 333
  2. Stitch 6 of each Square_01 and Square_02
  3. Cut each square away from the fabric
  4. When cutting each square with your scissors I suggest you have the design to the right of your scissors, in that way you do not cut any of the satin stitch border
  5. Spray the back of the square for easy placement on the fabric
  1. Centre 222 on the base fabric
  2. I used a zig zag stitch to stitch the design down...You do not need to do a satin stitch due to I have alread digitized the border for you
  1. Once you have stitched 222 design down then stitch 111 and 333 designs
Stitch down square_02 and square_03 as shown below
  1. After I had completed putting all the squares together
  2. Put a thick wadding under your work with a piece of fabric under the wadding, I used an old bed sheet
  3. Then triple stitch between each square
  4. If you wish put a binding around the work