Flow 02 Design 



  • Stitch No. 89 L=37 W=9.0.
    Colour: emerald green Madeira No.1079.
  • Stitch No. 02 L=.30 W=4.5.
    Colour: bright navy blue Madeira No. 1242.
  • Sew over the top of the satin stitch using stitch No. 146 L=5.0 W=6.0.
    Colour: burgundy rose Madeira No.1183.
  • Stitch No.165 L=.30 W=6.0.
    Colour: emerald green Madeira No.1079

Flow 02 Colour Chart 
  • Col. 1. Emerald Green Madeira No. 1079.
  • Col. 2. Bright Navy Blue Madeira No. 1242.
  • Col. 3. Burgundy Rose Madeira No. 1183.



Boarder Detail 




Combining Flow and Flow 04 designs
Instructions for the boarder



Stitch No. 172 L=9.0 W=6.0.
Colour: emerald green Madeira No. 1079



Boarder Detail 




Combined Flow and Flow 04 design