I purchased a black bamboo woven table mat


Stitch Misty Morning 01, 02 and 03 on black fabric as a stabilizer I used two heavy cut away stabilizer and between the stabilzer and black fabric I put a very thin wadding, just to give the designs that softness, but do not use a thick wadding as it will look like you have cushioned the designs and would look silly on the bamboo woven matt. These designs are very dense


Once you have stitched all three designs, around the perimeter of each design, stitch a satin stitch but not to dense nor to long, just enough to stop the fabric from fraying


Cut the fabric away from the satin stitch you just stitched


Stitch another satin stitch over the top of what you just stitched but making this satin stitch a bit longer and more dense but not to dense


Cut any lose threads, as there is alway a number


This time use a nice satin stitch and length as this will be the finished stitch


Place the three designs as I have in the photo with pins, they must be in the same alignment


I super glued the designs down and waited a couple of hours. The super glue will not hurt the design as you have so much stabilizer and wadding between the super glue and design. I only used small dabs of super glue.


Applique the three designs down with a very tiny zig zag stitch. This gives a nice finished look. You must not have a to big nor to wide a zig zag stitch