Instructions for making the 4 small panels on a large panel




I used the following for each of the panels
  • 2 very fine panels of wadding
  • Thick wool wadding
  • Thai silk
  • Silk organza
I have no idea what you call this waxed type of paper with the sticky glue below the wax. I did purchase it from
I hoop the wax paper
Get a pin and go around as I have done in the following photographs
Lift the wax paper away from you went around with the pin


With your scissors cut away from the pin area as shown above
After you have used the scissors
Take the wax paper away from the sides
This reveals sticky side around the hoop area

Place your fabric over the sticky paper inside your hoop

The silk is now ready for you to put onto your machine
Place your stabilizers underneath the hoop

Place the silk organza on top of the silk

I use silk organza often and I keep many shades of the very fine silk organza in my stash


Why I like to have many different colour's of the silk organza is for the reason why I am using it to do this work. The bright pink Thai silk that I had selected for "I am Woman" was just to bright for the patterned Thai silk background so I used the silk organza which matched the patterned Thai silk beautifully. You might keep this in mind when next time you just cannot match up with another fabric
Stitched out

Cut away as much as you can all your stabilizer
I purchased from the $2.00 shop the canvas
Before laying the Thai silk on the canvas I sprayed glued the canvas and put thick wadding over the the canvas
I framed the canvas with each of the designs using a staple gun
On the main canvas board I also spayed glue on the canvas and put thick wadding over the top of the canvas
I used a staple gun to frame the Thai silk over the canvas
To get an exact place to staple each of the four panels I used pins. I placed pins around each of the panels which goes through to the other side of the main canvas
Showing you the back of the canvas with all the placement pins
All four panels placed with pins.

I then turned the main canvas over and then started madly stapling using the staple gun