I used a mottled coloured fabric for all the coat fabrics


Design on a piece of cardboard the shape of the coat. That will be your template to cut the fabric. You could have a lot of fun using very exotic shapes for the coats. Have fun designing


Cut the four fabrics that you have chosen for the coats but do not shape into the coats just cut the fabric larger than what the coats will eventually be.


Stitch the four designs from Klimt onto each of the different coloured fabrics


Now apply contrasting fabric which you can applique and add decorative stitches from your machine similar to the coats you see in the photographs below


Cut out a template for the quilt, I just designed one side as you will mirror for the other side of the quilt

Purchase Timtex or other similar backing and cut from your quilt template the shape of the wall hanging

Spray the Timtex with fabric glue


Lay the backing fabric you have chosen for the Wall hanging I chose a black fabric as that would bring out the colour's of the coats and the decorative stitches (take note I used black thread in the Klimt designs and decorative stitches, then the background fabric and coats would co-ordinate)


Cut the 4 coats out using your template


Stitch the 4 coats onto the wall hanging I used a satin stitch and went over the satin stitch 3 times. This gives the satin stitch a nice look


Spray the back of the Timtex with spray glue


Lay the backing fabric over the glue and Timtex

Stitch all around the sides of the wall hanging in a satin stitch then lengthened and winded the satin stitch each time I went over the previous satin stitch, so I ended by stitching over the edge of the Wall hanging 3 times


The black background fabric has a lovely open type weave which worked perfectly as it just slightly frayed while I was handling it and when I had finished stitching the edges three times with the satin stitch it just gave the wall hanging a soft edge to it. You can see all the frayed edges in the enlarged photos



Water Coat 








I stitched the tassel on the wall hanging then stitched the glass dingle dangle over the tassel.


Notice how I appliqued the contrasting fabric down with the decorative stitches. This is on the sleeve and the coat 


Once again I appliqued the contrasting fabric down with the decorative stitches


Notice how I appliqued the contrasting fabric down with the decorative stitches, this is on the sleeve of the coat