I used pale pink fabric to make the beach bag a very thin wadding and Flexifirm (which is ideal for making this bag) you can purchase Flexirim through, just click the URL below http://www.stirlingembroidery.com
Applique the following designs onto the your base fabric using a zigzag stitch as seen in the photo above
Beach Houses

I appliqued a pocket for your mobile phone using the following design "Mobile" .....as you can see in the photo above and also at the other end and in between Ice Cream and Surfing I made another pocket to put your sun glasses's or what ever
Applique the following designs Avalon Beach, Woody and Ice Cream as in the photo above
 Instructions for the awning of the beach bag
To the left is a photo of the braid I used on the awning

I stitched the braid on the fabric for the awning

Stitching the braid on the red stripes just breaks up the red stripes
I used 3 types of fabric for the base of the beach bag as seen in the enlarged photograph
I used "Grease proof paper" to stitch around the scallop
I stitched around the scallops three times, to give the scallops a nice finish
Cut Flexifirm away from the edge as not to be too thick for the seams
 Instructions for the base of the beach bag
I used a dinner plate to make the circle template for the base of the beach bag and then used a marker ruler to get the exact circle
Attaching the circle base to the beach bag
Stitch down the top of the bag

 Instructions for the pockets to be stitched onto the lining
Using the same striped fabric as on the awning I doubled the fabric and pressed with an iron so as to have a nice crisp edge
Striped fabric doubled over and pressed with an iron
I then used a straight stitch to stitch the striped fabric down
Iron a nice edge half way down the fabric then double over with a crisp edge as shown in the photo to the left.
Already to be stitched to the lining
Pockets stitched to the lining

 Instructions for the handles to be stitched onto the beach bag
I used three long lengths of fabric, pressed with an iron to make a nice edge to one side

Pressed with an iron both edges

Then pressed down in the centre of the fabric
I stitched close to the edge of each strip of fabric

I then plated all three stripes of fabric. Leave enough of the strips so as you can have the ends flat to stitch the handles to the beach bag

 Instructions for the lining of the beach bag
Cut the lining using the same template you used for the beach bag
Stitch the lining to your lining base
Attach the handles at each end of the beach bag
Sew the lining to your beach bag