Stitch Pansy out 8 times


Stitch pansy_flowers out once


Sew all 9 designs together just like you would for a patchwork quilt


To make the ruffle edging around the cushion


Purchase white rope from your local haberdashery


Measure the length of the cushion, add three times the length of the fabric you wish to use for the ruffle edging


Cut the long strip of fabric and make sure you have it wide enough to double over and stitch


Turn inside out


Put a safety pin on one end of the rope and pull the rope through the long length of fabric strip


Stitch the end of fabric strip and rope. This will help you to move the ruffle towards the end.


Ruffle the fabric as you get towards the end and keep ruffling.


Stitch the ruffle edging to the cushion before you put the cushion together.