Maidens Wall Hanging

The Maidens Wall Hanging shown here was constructed of beautiful, white silk.


I enhanced the wall hanging with a decorative edge of little white pearls.


Several years ago, large earrings were very fashionable. I bought many sets very cheaply when they were just out of fashion. I believed that one day they would come in handy for my craft projects.

If you look closely at the bottom of the wall hanging you can see where I attached the earrings. They are great to use instead of a tassel. The earrings were made of glass and pearl drops. A photo of the earrings is shown to the left.
  Maidens Shirt

I purchased this jean shirt last summer with the Maidens Series of designs in mind. I thought that this shirt would be ideal to display them.


I decorated the back of the shirt with five of the designs, arranged vertically.


I then decorated the front of the shirt with my "thought" design. I then embroidered my name, Cathy within the design. I used the alphabet from my machine for my name.

This design would make an attractive name tag or a tag for quilts. The tag would be ideal for displaying all your important information.