Front of vest


Front of vest


Close up of front


Close up of back 



The Shisha Mirrors 


India design


India 01 design


India 02 design 




Notions for Shisha Mirrors

india design.
3 x Shisha mirrors - size No. 8.
adhesive tape.
scraps of fabric.


1. Commence sewing the india design until colour No. 6 is reached.
2. Remove the hoop from your machine. DO NOT UNDO THE HOOP.
3. Carefully cut the centre of the design using a sharp pair of scissors. The tension in your hoop will assist in this procedure. Refer to step No. 1.
4. Place the fabric face down on a flat surface to access the rear of the design.

5. Position the Shisha mirror, face down to cover the hole made in your design.
6. Stick the Shisha mirror firmly in place. I used sticky tape. Refer to step No. 2, shown below.
7. Cover the Shisha mirror with a scrap of fabric. Securely pin the fabric in place. Refer to step No. 3
8. Return the hoop to your machine.
9. Select colour No. 6.
10. Securely stitch the Shisha mirror in place behind the design. I stitched round the mirror twice.


Step 1
 Step 2 
 Step 3



Template for the outside border
  Close up of the Decorative
Stitches from your machine