Blessed Angel


  • Stitch out “Blessed angel_02” first
  • Place “Blessed Angel_01” above the red and gold star, this is such a simple placement as you can place the “Blessed Angel_01” anywhere
  • Stitch a satin stitch border and over the top of the satin stitch, stitch the chain stitch that is in most machines or use another stitch of your preference.



Happy Christmas Placemat

Cut out enough to cover your hoop (I have no idea what this paper is called) So I call it sticky paper!


Hoop the sticky paper


Cut the centre out of the sticky paper, I try to keep enough for the fabric to stay glued to the sticky paper around the hoop.


Lay the purchased mat over the sticky paper and then stitch out “Happy Christmas_01”


This design is just lovely for a mat, so very quick and easy to stitch out

Brown Placemat




  • I stitched “Joy and happiness_02” by following the instructions for the white mat
  • I chose this brown mat as this coloured mat would appeal to young people and using a simple design “Joy and happiness_02”on the mat would go nicely with young people’s decor

Close up of the Placemat
Christmas Tea Towel

A purchased linen tea towel where I stitched “Happy Christmas_02”


Close up

Christmas Apron






I stitched out first “Christmas tree_02” which is the centre tree

I then stitched out on either side of the pink tree “Christmas tree_01” (If you look closely at the green tree on the left you will see it did not stitch out very well, due to my Pfaff machine gave up on me and I had to race the machine to my dealer to be repaired, I kept my work in the hoop until my machine arrived back to my sewing room where upon I resumed stitching out that green tree)




Christmas Tree Bag




  • I stitched out on red cotton fabric “Christmas tree_03”
  • Cut away any excess red fabric from the gold border using scissors
  • Glued the design using a hot glue gun on a calico bag I purchased so cheaply from a local craft shop


 Aqua Christmas Card


Stitch out “Angel of the moon_02”




Have matching or contrasting fabric ironed and ready to lay under your work




Once you get to the colour change for the border thread




Slide under the hoop either your matching or contrasting fabric, making sure that the fabric is positioned correctly




Start your machine at the border colour change




The machine is stitching out the border as you can see the contrasting mauve fabric is underneath the two layers of thick cut away stabilizer




“Angel of the moon_02” all stitched out




The underside of the card using a contrasting mauve fabric




I repeated the same for the rest of the card, once again using the same aqua and mauve fabrics

Cut away any excess fabric from the border using your scissors




The front of the card




 The centre of the card




Front and back of the card



Polka Dot Christmas Card


I stitched out “Blessed Angel_05” for the front of the card




I stitched out “To give_01” for the centre of the card




Front and back of card





Red Christmas Card




I stitched on the front of this card “Joy and happiness_02”




I stitched in the centre “Joy and happiness_03”



Pink Card





I am in the process of stitching this cushion together for a friend for her first Grandchild hope to have the cushion finished by next week that is why the lace looks a bit odd at the ends. I stitched the face of the cushion using the design “Angel of the moon_05” if you do not have a large enough hoop you can stitch out “Angel of the Moon_04” then beside the words you can place the “Angel of the Moon_01” or vice versa which ever you would find easier