Instructions for the Damascus Spice Souk bag





Size of the bag 10.5 x 11 inches or 27 x 28 cm


  • 1 metre or 1 yard of a background fabric to stitch out all the designs for the bag
  • 1 metre or 1 yard of fabric to make the bag
  • ½ metre or ½ yard of lining fabric
  • 1 metre or 1 yard of felt
  • Handles
  • Magnetic closure snap (optional)

Stitch out the following designs

  • Spice souk_01
  • Spice souk_02 four times
  • Spice souk_04
  • Spice souk_bot_04
  • Spice souk_bot_04_mirr
  • Spice souk_top_03
  • Spice souk_top_03_mirr




Cut out the fabric for the bag larger than you need for both the front and back

Pin in the centre of the fabric “Spice souk_01”

Lightly glue the design onto the fabric




Place all four of the “Spice souk_02” around “Spice souk_01” once you have all four in the correct position lightly glue each one down




All four of the “Spice souk_02” glued into the correct position




  • Place “Spice souk_top_03” at the top left corner
  • Place “Spice souk_top_03_mirr” at the top right corner
  • In the top centre put one of the “Spice souk_04”
  • Place “Spice souk_bot_04” at the bottom left corner
  • Place “Spice souk_bot_04_mirr” at the bottom right corner

Once you have placed each of the designs correctly lightly glue each of the designs onto the fabric




The designs have all been lightly glue down to the fabric which is linen and due to my only have the blue felt I put a beige coloured fabric in between, as the blue felt may have been seen through the linen.





Straight stitch all the layers down to your background fabric




Zigzag stitch all the design down. Not too heavy a zigzag stitch just in case of movement and you can easily unpick if this should happen




Over all the zigzag stitches, stitch each of the designs down using a satin stitch, this gives your work a nice finish




Satin stitched each design




Close up of the satin stitch over each of the designs




  • Stitch the front and back of the bag together
  • Insert the lining you have made for the bag
  • Place the handles on the bag





Instructions for the Damascus Spice Souk Cushion




Stitch out “Spice Souk_09” twice




Close up of the work on the cushion




This fabric had a lovely back to it so I used both the front and back of the fabric to give the cushion a different look





Damascus Spice Souk Jumper




Stitch the following designs onto the jumper
Spice souk_05 twice
In the centre Spice souk_06