• 90 x 90 cm or 36 x 36 inches of background fabric
  • 2 metres or 6 ft of fabric for the stitch outs
  • 2 metres or 6ft of thin wadding
  • 3 spools of Victory Rayon variegated thread 40 weight 1,000 meters (I bought 2 spools a few years ago and for life of me I could not remember where I bought the spools from or the name of the thread. I took a photo of a spool and put the photo up on Facebook. Thankfully Dale Rollerson of Thread Studio http://www.thethreadstudio.com recognised the thread from her at craft exhibition. The thread I bought is no longer available but you can use a similar one “Barrier Reef” variegated thread. I only bought 2 spools so I was really on the edge with just 2 spools. Once I finished all the stitch outs all I had was about 1 metre left on the spool... way too close!!)
  • 90 x 90 cm or 36 x 36 inches of backing fabric for the wall hanging
  • Hot glue


Stitch out the following designs:

  • 3 x Timeless_01
  • 3 x Timeless_02
  • 6 x Timeless_03
  • 3 x Timeless_04
  • 3 x Timeless_05
  • 3 x Timeless_06
  • 4 x Timeless_07
  • 2 x Timeless_08
  • 4 of Timeless_09
  • 2 x Timeless_10
  • 2 x Timeless_11
  • 12 x Timeless_12
  • 2 x Timeless_13
  • 2 x Timeless_14




Showing you the layout of each design on the wall hanging




Mark the centre of the background fabric




Centre of the fabric market




Start out by either pinning or gluing the centre panel down which is one the “Timeless_04” that you have stitched out then on either side of “Timeless_04”put “Timeless_03”




Showing the first layer of all the panels lightly hot glued down to the background fabric




Showing the start of the next layer of panels




Showing the next layer of panels

Once you have placed all the designs onto your background fabric zigzag stitch each of the panels down




If you wish you can put a border around the edge of the wall hanging and stitch over the outside satin stitch border using a “Feather Stitch” in your decorative stitches on your machine this helps blend the outside panels with the fabric border




Showing you the feather stitch blending with the border fabric