Stitch grapes_01 out 8 times

Stitch grapes out once

Sew all 9 designs together just like you would for a patchwork quilt

I found an excellent cotton batting for the bag it is heavy enough to keep the bag in its original form yet soft enough to be easy and light to handle. It gives the bag a nice quality. Rachel gave me this batting to use and try out on a quilt but I tried other battings for the bag and found they were either to soft or to heavy. This batting was just right for a bag. As yet have not tried it out in a quilt. Will do so in the very near future....I hope!! :) The cotton batting is called "Warm and White" you can purchase it from

Stitch the bias edging to the bag before you put the bag together. The bias edging gives the bag a quality to it
The handles I purchased while at a Stitches and Craft show in Melbourne from a store called Hobbysew their The handles come in many different colours. What I like about the handles is you can slip the bag off and put another bag onto the handles.