• 3 meters of cream linen
  • 1 cone of 2,000meters of blue thread (I used King Star No. 306)





Instructions for stitching the blocks together to form a wall hanging




Stitch all the 16 blocks out


Trim fabric away from each of the 16 blocks with your scissors as close to the satin stitched edge as possible (HINT when cutting the fabric with your scissors always keep the fabric to your right, that way you will never cut the satin stitch edging)


Centre your backing fabric to be ready for you to place the first stitch out block with a + for placing the blocks


On the back of the No. 6 block spray glue, as seen in the photograph to the left.


Place No. 6 block on one side of the + As seen in the photograph below and stitch a zigzag stitch over the satin stitch border that is part of the block

Place No. 7 block on the other side of the + 

Place No. 10 block below No. 6


Place No. 11 block below No. 7


Glue and stitch all the other blocks in their right position

  Place the decorative stitch border as seen in the photographs below
  Stitch the small square border as seen in the photograph to the left.
Stitch all the 24 border squares around the decorative stitch border, as you can see in the photograph above.
 Border using the decorative stitches from your machine
Photo of the border for the quilt using the decorative stitches from the sewing machine
  First stitch out the satin stitch Length .35 Width 7.0 Blue thread matching the same blue in the quilt
Triangle stitch Length 10 Width 9.0 Blue thread
Stitch over the top of the satin stitch (No.1) Length 5.0 Width .50 in white thread
  On either side of the blue satin stitch (No. 1) use the double straight stitch Length 3.0 in white thread
  Beside the triangle stitch (No. 2) Length 3.0 Width 6.0 in blue thread
Over the top of the stitch you just did (No. 5) Length 10 Width 6.0 in blue thread
In between the triangle (No. 2 and No. 5) I stitched in every second gap the round satin stitch Length 4.0 in blue thread
Once again I did another triangle stitch beside the satin stitch and double straight stitch (No.1 and No. 4) in blue thread.
 Border small square at each end of the wall hanging

Stitch Length 3.0 Width 6.0 in Blue thread 
Stitch a satin stitch border
Satin Stitch border
length 1.0 Width 2.5 Do this twice (This gives the satin stitch a heavier border)
length .35 Width 5.0 Over the top of the satin stitch you just stitched out


 Instructions for the Serenity Cushion




  • 2 meters of black linen
  • 4 Tassels
  • 1 Sulky Ultra Twist 700yds/640meters Colour No. 923-3035 (I have never used the twist threads before and found these threads excellent to work with)

Follow the instructions from the Wall Hanging

  1. Instructions from No's 1 to No. 9