Earthly Pleasures Placemat Cushion





  • 2 placemats
  • 2 layers of “cut away” stabilizer
  • Thin wadding
  • Earthly Pleasures_08 for the back of the cushion
  • Earthly Pleasures_14 for the front of the cushion

The photo to theleft shows the placemat which I purchased at “Country Road” Australia; you are able to purchase so many beautiful placemats in many stores through out the world today.

Purchase two placemats the same


  1. Hoop 2 layers of stabilizer and thin wadding
  2. Do not hoop the placemat as the placemat is a thick fabric and would jump out of your hoop at the most inappropriate time
  3. Print out in “Actual Size” the two designs
  4. Mark the centre of both the print outs and cut around each of the designs
  5. FRONT OF CUSHION Mark the centre of the placemat with chalk or marking pen. Place the placemat on top of the hoop, line up the centre of the placemat with your needle
  6. BACK OF CUSHION Place the placemat on top of the hoop,
  7. Stitch your hoop template to both front and back placemat, this makes sure that the placemat will not move while stitching out both the front and back design of the cushion

For the front of the placemat cushion, stitch on the placemat in the centre the following design “Earthly Pleasures_14”


For the back of the placemat cushion, to the bottom right, stitch the following design “Earthly Pleasures_08”

Front of the placemat cushion


Back of the placemat cushion


 Earthly Pleasues Box




  • .5 meter of fabric
  • 2 layers of “Cut Away” stabilizer
  • Thick wadding
  • .5 meter of cheap cotton fabric or an old sheet (this is to put under the thick wadding)
  • Earthly Pleasures_01
  • Purchase a decorative box from any Home Wares Store, there are many all over the world
  • Cardboard which was cut up from old boxes, this is to make the lid for the box

2 sheets of “Cut Away” stabilizer

Cotton fabric (I have used old sheeting)

Thick wadding

Your choice of fabric to stitch Earthly Pleasures_01


This box was covered in a linen type fabric when I purchased it


Cardboard from an old box

Lay the top of the box over the cardboard and with a pen draw around the box

Template of the box top

Cut the templatex  


Cut another piece of cardboard to make a thick lid and glue the two pieces of cardboard together


Cut 4 pieces of cardboard for the inside of the lid but make them to fit snug into the box, glue all four pieces of cardboard together


Mark the centre of the lid on the cardboard


Mark the centre of Earthly Pleasures_01


Line the embroidery with your cardboard lid


Glue the embroidered fabric to the lid


Inside of the lid 4 pieces of cardboard glued together

Glue a piece of thick wadding to the 4 pieces of cardboard

Cut a piece of fabric large enough to go over the inside lid 

Glue the fabric onto the inside lid


Lid and inside of lid


Glue the inside lid to the top lid

Top lid and inside lid


Lid fits perfectly to the box


Another view of lid

Once again another view of the box and lid

Earthly Pleasures Green Cushion 






  • .5 meter of green fabric
  • .5 meter of very fine white linen fabric
  • 1 sheet of medium weight tearaway
  • Medium weight wadding for both the green and white fabric
  • Earthly Plesures_13 (this is for a the large hoop but you could also use Earthly pleasures_10 which is for the smaller hoop size 5 x 7 inch or 180 x 130 mm)

Stitch out on a white fabric either Earthly Pleasures_10 or Earthly Pleasures_13 which ever hoop size you wish to use


To make your plain green fabric blend with the Earthly pleasures design I suggest you try using the following decorative stitches from your sewing machine


  • Single straight stitch Length= 2.5
  • Back stitch Length =4.0
  • Double zigzag triple stitch (this is in the Utility Stitch section) Length =0.5 Width=6.0


I started by using the straight stitch first then using the edge guide stitched on either side of the straight stitch the back stitch, repeat all the way along the fabric then I stitched the triple zigzag stitch. This is a very simple but most effective way of combining both the Earthly pleasure design and your decorative stitches.


Once you have finished stitching the decorative stitches on the green fabric, stitch the white fabric and green fabric together and make the cushion.




Joining the two fabrics together

All finished


This would look fabulous with another cushion just using the green fabric with the decorative stitches and another cushion with just the design on the same white fabric. Would make a stunning combination on your settee


 Earthly Pleasures Wall Hanging





  • Fabric 1/2 meter
  • Medium weight wadding
  • 2 layers of “Cut Away”
  • Cardboard
  • Earthly pleasures_01
  • Earthly pleasures_02
  • Tassel

Hopping 2 layers of “Cut Away” and medium weight wadding, laying the black fabric over the hoop as shown in the photo


Pinning the black fabric to the stabilizers and wadding


Putting the needle over the point I had marked on the black fabric for Earthly pleasures_02


  1. Hoop your 2 layers of “Cut Away” and the medium weight wadding
  2. Print out “Actual Size” of Earthly pleasures_01 and Earthly pleasures_02
  3. Mark the centre of both your print outs
  4. Cut around both designs
  5. Lay your cut out print of Earthly pleasures_01 on your fabric and mark the position you would like the design on your black fabric
  6. Lay the black fabric over the top of your hoop and position the needle over where you marked the design
  7. Pin your fabric down or stitch your template of the hoop
  8. Stitch out Earthly pleasures_01
  9. Take your fabric, wadding and “Cut Away” out of your hoop
  10. Cut away your wadding and “Cut Away”
  11. Hoop another 2 layers of “Cut Away” and medium weight wadding
  12. Lay your cut out print of Earthly pleasures_02 on your fabric and mark the position you would like the design on your black fabric, you can see in the close up where I started Earthly pleasures_02, it really does not matter all that much where you would like to position Earthly pleasures_02 with this design, have a play J

Lay the black fabric over the top of your hoop and position the needle over where you marked the design

Pin your fabric down or stitch your template of the hoop

Stitch out Earthly pleasures_02


Both Earthly pleasures_01 and 02 combined


Making a template for the wall hanging using tracing paper

Design a template to what ever would best suite you; I am showing you how I went about doing this template. I drew it out first and then put a crease down the centre and was able to trace the other side to make a mirror image


The template of the wall hanging on the tracing paper


These are the exact measurement of the wall hanging in the photo


Cut out cardboard using your tracing paper template


Lay over the cardboard, medium weight wadding and glue to the cardboard

Lay the black fabric over the wadding and glue the black fabric to the back


Cut out another cardboard template but making it smaller


Lay over the cardboard another piece of wadding and glue, then lie over the wadding, black fabric and glue it down

Glue both cardboards together as shown in the photo

Showing both cardboards glued together

Using venation blind cording I stapled both ends down to hang the wall hanging


I stitched this beautiful tassel onto the back of the wall hanging. I purchased this tassel when in Maui about 4 years ago, since then I have seen so many fabulous tassels in many stores these days

I think this wall hanging is so beautiful, I just love it!!!