Stitch both the front and back






Cut very carefully the fabric away from the satin stitch





Mark with your ruler using your marker pen or chalk where you would like the stitching to finish the join for the front and back of bag

If you are making felt bags follow what I have done instead of doing the satin stitch you use the straight stitch designs, the instructions for doing that project is in the colour chart






Zigzag both the front and bag over the satin stitch




With either your hot glue gun or with whatever you prefer glue a pretty ribbon inside the bag to use as a handle.





The inside of the little bag as you can see I used two different colours of felt, just makes the bag more interesting for the little ones, I then used cording and made it a little more interesting by making the coring go around and around gluing as I did it




For the lining I used a contrasting fabric, this makes the little bag even more prettier