Colour Chart

  • No. 1. medium grey Madeira No. 1040
  • No. 2. purple Sulky No. 1032

Instructions for Constructing the Russ Bag

  • Draw a template for the bag as shown below in Diagram No. 1. I used the cardboard from an old cereal packet.
  • Select suitable fabric. I used black fabric.
  • Cut out twelve panels of fabric of size 10 x 18.5 cms.
  • Carefully mark the centre of three fabric panels. Sew the russ1 design on each of these panels.
  • Cut out these three patterns, using your template.
  • Using another three fabric panels, cut out another three patterns using your template.
  • Mark a vertical centre line down the centre of the three blank patterns using chalk or a soft pencil.
  • Centre your foot on the marked centre line.
  • Sew along the line using stitch No. 175 L=3.0 W=9.0 in grey Madeira No. 1040 thread.
  • Sew parallel lines on both sides of the stitch No. 175 line using stitch No. 165 L= 6.0 W=.30 in purple Sulky No. 1032 thread, as shown below in Image No. 2.
  • Align, then sew all the six patterns together.
  • Cut out a further six patterns on the remaining fabric panels using your template. These are for the lining.
  • Using the same procedures detailed above for the bag, join the lining patterns together.
  • Attach the lining by sewing it to the top of the bag.
  • Measure the top edge of your bag.
  • Using the measurement immediately above, cut a length of fabric of width 8cm plus enough for a seam. This is the casing for the cord.
  • Sew the casing to the top edge of the bag.
  • Sew a buttonhle on each side of the casing using stitch No. 08..14.
  • Sew a small hem on the outer edge of the casing.
  • Hand sew the casing to the inside of the bag.
  • Thread 2.5 meters of matching cord through the casing.

The Russ Casual Vest

I have quickly sketched a casual outfit incorporating a vest as an example of what you can do using the russ1 design and the decorative stitches of your sewing machine. The sketch shown below is decorated with the same design and stitches as use on the Russ bag.



Diagram No 1


Image No 1


Image No 2